Science is the most convenient way to describe natural occurring phenomena.  Although there are forces in the world, especially in the U.S., that seem intent on discrediting certain aspects of science, it is without a doubt the modern world would not exist without the pursuit and application of science.  The beauty of science is that it is not content to sit on its past laurels nor can it take any kind of leap of faith into describing the workings of the world.  Theories are presented and tested until a large enough group of credible scientist can repeat and verify the same outcome.  Through multiple tests and revisions, science based theories eventually become regarded as fact by the large majority.

Science has yet to explain everything, and many view this as one of its shortcomings.  However, some forget how far science has come in transforming previous belief systems concerning everything from the orbit of Earth to the origin of life.

Still, science pushes forward, slow, methodical and ego-less with the only purpose of making our universe a better understood place.  New developments on the cutting edge like The Large Hadron Collider and experiments in quantum computing and torsion physics are revealing more of the physical world than anyone could have imagined even 10 years ago.  The universe is a peculiar place, let us use the reliable power of science to peer even further into the unknown!



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