Posted by: seedfoundation | September 20, 2011

SEA Change

Hello y’all, and especially to those who check in on this blog regularly.  Long time no talk.  I’ve been away for a bit, that is to say I recently graduated from the Oregon Institute of Technology with my Renewable Energy Engineering degree.  Please hold your applause…thank you thank you…please stop I’m blushing.  Since finishing the final lingering class on August 12th, I’ve been on hiatus in Spokane Washington hanging out at my parents house.  By hanging out I mean watching English Premier League soccer games, movies, reading books, doing yard work and getting out of bed when I feel like.  Oh yeah, I’ve been thinking about looking for work too.  That comes next.

With regard to this blog, it was originally intended to be the representative OIT REE student run blog and for the last two years I’ve done my best to keep it updated and OIT related.  Because I am now an alumni and no longer an estudiante, I attempted to pass on the blog to the next generation of students.  Unfortunately, at least for OIT, none of the students were willing to maintain it so the blog has been taken down from the OIT website.  The REE program is grueling, so no sour grapes.  Fortunately for me then, I now have my own personal blog which will be complete with my thoughts, feelings and deepest secrets heehee.   Basically I’m going to write about anything that tickles my fancy; if it offends you then comment back, if you agree then send a nod.  If you’re new to the blog – greetings.  If you are returning, then welcome back to the next round.  This year is going to be fun.




  1. Hey I have been following the blog as I am considering finishing my engineering degree there. How are the work prospects for you and the other grads? I’ve heard good things from your professors, but haven’t contacted a student yet. Thanks!

    • Almost everyone I know has found a job, I’m one of the few who hasn’t but I haven’t been looking yet. I’ve read many statistics about power engineers in this country. Somewhere on the lines of 40% of power engineers will retire within four years. We need the same amount of new engineers to replace that plus an equal amount of new engineers to help upgrade the grid. The demand is huge, but qualified people are limited. If you want job security, get into power engineering. On a related note, the Renewable Energy Engineering degree is kind of a misnomer. It’s a power engineering degree for the 21st century so it includes electives and required classes related to renewables like solar, wind geothermal, hydro, batteries etc.

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