Posted by: seedfoundation | April 1, 2011

El Poder de la Primavera

Ah, spring quarter, we welcome thee with open arms.  Two quarters of short days, constant rain and daily pledges to leave it all behind and move to Guadalajara, have finally passed.  For today, and for the remainder of the spring quarter, we, that is REE, collectively take the next breath of our multi-pronged education – with a little more sunny cheer.

By now the newbies…sorry..the freshies… sorry again.. the extremely talented and dedicated first year class, have come to terms with what they got themselves into.  The yadda yadda DC and AC circuits are now a relic of the past and the real meat is about to start cooking.  Electromechanical energy conversion systems and the electric power classes are two required spring offerings, both proceeding a passing grade in DC and AC circuits.  These classes are fundamental for having a grasp of how renewable energy technologies operate and how they affect the grid.  In tandem, and as a departure from last year, the power systems senior level track will partner with the lower level electric power class.  The power systems seniors are enrolled in contemporary power systems, the third and final offering of the series.  To better prepare the students for the real world, Professor Bass and Professor Rytkonen have designated the seniors as managers for different teams in the electric power class to oversee their designs and progress for the class project.  On top of this, the seniors must give a highly technical presentation on some kind of, you guessed it, contemporary power system.

If all of this sounds rather practical and worthwhile for career prospects and integration, well, it is.  The comprehensive approach by the instructors in the REE program is creating flexible, well-rounded problem solvers.  For this, I can’t be more grateful.  Looking back at the last two plus years, and without getting all gooey and sentimental, I have to say it’s been a great experience.  I will be graduating after this quarter and I feel really good about the opportunities ahead.  The amount of power engineers and related positions retiring in the next few years is insane.  The amount of newbies and freshies we need to fill in the growing void – astronomical.  Any recent issue of P and E will fill in the details, but yes we have a national dilemma.

Time to put on some shorts and fire up the induction motor.



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