Posted by: seedfoundation | July 22, 2010

Get Outta Town

Even during the peaking sun of late June, the school entrance doors in Clackamas and Hilsboro have kept a’ rotating with dedicated students eager to knock out a few more credits.  They are an enduring bunch.  Still, patent law, electric power, programming and other summer offerings haven’t completely taken hold of the Portland Hustlin’ Owls.  The OIT REE students are doing their best this summer to pretend they still know what a break feels like.

Portland and the surroundings really come alive when the reliable precipitation falters for a few months.  Better to jump on the bandwagon and live it up, than solving matrices in a bathtub and waiting for the rain.  On the list this summer?  A few students have already made it to Multnomah Falls for some hiking and site seeing.  Golf has also been on the agenda.  What a great excuse to break some clubs and pretend you’re old : )

John, Adam and Brandon Messin' with Sasquatch.

During the fourth of July weekend, Brandon Little, Adam Henke, John Grieser and Nathan Crary drove to Olympic National Forest for some camping.  Even in the peak of summer, the forest stayed wet and rainy.  I suppose after living in Portland for a couple years, the rain slowly becomes a crack addiction, and when it’s gone, you gotta find it.  Besides the singin’ in the rain, the group stumbled upon the rarest of opportunities to mess with Sasquatch.  Before their encounter, the guys decided to hike in a couple of rockets.  Whaaaaat?  Rockets?  I don’t condone this behavior OK?  I’m just the messenger, I just tell the news.  Anyway, apparently they offered Mr. Sasquatch some beef jerky and then laughed and shot rockets at him.  Not recommended.  Unfortunately they weren’t able to take any photos, but they were extremely lucky to escape a primate beat-down of epic proportions.

The following weekend a group of REE students went to The Country Fair near Florence, OR.  The festival was filled with hippies, costumes, music, hippies, snakes, and guys in hockey goalie outfits.  Lining the booths were craftsmen of all kinds, mostly local produce, sustainable clothing, and friendly souls.  There was also a guy skinning a deer.  And it smelt.  Bad.

Crazy Costumes at The Country Fair

Other students have found time for Futsal, Ultimate Frisbee, bike riding, picnics and beer drinking.  With all the beer festivals going on in June, July and August in Portland, the last one’s a no-brainer.

In less than a month the busy summer quarter will be over and most of the Portland students will have six weeks off to sigh and wonder to themselves what convinced them to take a full load.  During this break, nine of the most dedicated will be in Tanzania installing solar panels onto rural African schools, remembering one of the reasons they started the program in the first place – to make a difference.



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