Posted by: seedfoundation | May 10, 2010

T-Shirt Design Winner

The first annual (maybe) OIT Renewable Energy Engineering muy importante and global impacting T-shirt design competition has come to a close.  The winner was decided by yours truly using the tried and true tactics of despotism.  Democracy, if you hadn’t heard, is sooooooooo faux pas these days.

One might think, ‘ wait a tick, I thought one of the basic constructs of renewable energy was the implementation of diversified and integrated energy systems, systems that are shared democratically and provide energy for humankind equally?  And I thought all the REE students, representing this energy paradigm shift, would incorporate those values in their everyday life too?’   Nope, sorry.  At least not the second part.

The Pole Pedal Paddle event in Bend, OR is coming up next weekend and the REE OIT students are preparing to repri’ zent sum sheee.  The REE team needs a T-shirt ASAP.  Thus, the best design was chosen for the PPP via iron fist.  A democratic vote would have taken at least four years and probably a dozen recounts and recalls considering all the Republicans at OIT, (namely Jake Brulc).

So in the spirit of despotism and the upcoming PPP, I present to you the 2010 T-shirt design winner.  Nice work Nate Oester.




  1. So where can I buy the t-shirt?

    • I have one large left for $15, if that size doesn’t work I would have to go print another of whatever size. The price would be $ 30. Left me know if you want one.

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