Posted by: seedfoundation | April 5, 2010

T-Shirt Competition

Mike Cohn and Nathan Crary, both students at OIT in the REE program, have initiated a T-Shirt design competition for the students. The winner will have their design printed on shirts available for purchase order before the senior project symposium. Below is the original message sent out to all OIT REE students. Other OIT students and prospective students are also encouraged to submit designs. Below is the original e-mail sent to the REE student body.

Hey everyone!

We are having a T-shirt design competition for all of OIT PDX’s student body. If your design is picked, it will be debuted at the this years Senior Symposium.

You have till May 1st to submit your designs. You can have up to 4 colors and all designs must be original and include REE or OIT somewhere on the shirt. Remember the theme is “Think outside the barrel,” but the words don’t need to be included in the design.

All submissions should be in .pdf format and can be sent to me ( or Nathan Crary (
and if you have any questions, feel free to ask one of us.

Click here for the official poster.

Good luck!

-E.B. and JMC


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