Posted by: seedfoundation | December 18, 2009

Debauchery Time

To the dismay of many overachieving OIT students, the fall quarter has officially come to a close. Grades were published earlier this week, summarizing with complete accuracy in the form of almighty letters, exactly how much we learned in each class. All the stress suffered, all the mental fortitude required, all the sleepless nights endured and then boom! Over. Done. ‘Here are a couple of letters from the beginning of the alphabet, now go eat tree-shaped sugar cookies and drink Tanquerey for a couple of weeks.’

Of course we all have our own unique way of celebrating the famed Yuletide. Some may enjoy bathing in a kiddy pool of eggnog, some in an Olympic pool of stock options, while others may fester at the mall, buying up everything credit card possible. For the relatively more sane of us, friends and family ought to do. The excessive nature of the holiday season is unavoidable however, thus spending and shopping are beasts we all must wrestle with. On that note, all I can say is this: know where the products are being made. Who is benefiting? What is the environmental impact? What is the political impact, if any? I’ll stop there to abstain from any preaching, but it’s always good to be mindful.

One accessory that deserves closer attention and remains within the scope of “energy savings” are the fashionable LED Christmas lights. My roommates were so kind to purchase both the traditional incandescent Christmas lights, and the newer LED Christmas lights. The LED’s use 8 watts per line compared to 30 watts per line of the incandescent. The LED’s were brighter too, and in my opinion looked much better.

LED Lights

If lights are on your list, shop around and keep LED’s in mind.

Incandescent Lights

In conclusion, a few things learned from fall quarter 2009:

– The teachers are un-apologizing sadists and do their best to keep it a secret until the last two weeks of the quarter.
– The new sophomore class is full of smart people.
– If you have the swine flu, just stay home and drink a lot of water, (avoid tile).
– If you have a disagreement with a lab partner, don’t talk it out, just throw down.
– If you’re like Jake Brulc and would rather go fishing than study, don’t expect any handouts, otherwise your name is Coattails.
– If you play video games all the time like Jake Brulc, then we should hang out.
– If you ever have a debate with Bob, don’t pretend like you know what you’re talking about because he knows you don’t.
– If Mateo lectures too fast for you, it means you have a slow slew rate.
– The east campus needs a food vendor.
– The east campus needs a lot of things.
– Working together, although difficult, because it requires the minimum amount of social skills, is the path of least resistance.
– Not enough students bring in bulk food.
– Procrastination builds character.
– If you can’t come up with a witty comeback, resort to four letter words, and say them with authority. You win.
– The REE program is the cat’s pajamas.

Happy Holidays



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