Posted by: seedfoundation | November 25, 2009

The 350 Experience in Retrospect

For those of you out there that helped out with the 350 movement in Portland last month, three cheers for you!

The Fuz on 350 day

The weather for our bike riding pilgrimage was appropriately divine and lighted the way into pioneer square for the music portion of the event. As we entered, traditional drums from east Asia pulsated around the square from a corner stage. After, a healthy gathering of the Portland multi-cultural enthusiastically cheered as October 24th was officially announced a new Portland holiday.

Pioneer Square

In hindsight, did the event accomplish much? Was there a greater purpose to joining a random biking group on Saturday morning to parade into downtown Portland to meet up with a bunch of greenies? Will the day of October 24th brand into the collective mind of the citizens and contribute to a healthy renovation? Hard to say. But, what happened on the 24th was an interesting exercise in mass mobilization toward a cause. The 350 movement is an internet promoted event that began this year. I have no idea what the final turn-out was across the globe, but groups successful formed from Mexico City to Cairo, Egypt to Sydney, Australia.

Can you see Paul and John from OIT out there?

The ability for the internet to be used as a tool for inspiration and mobilization is something to be duly noted. As social networking continues to diversify, expand and become richer in our lives, the impact of socially conscious mobilization may become more prolific. As the tipping points of different global fronts approach us, these events could have butterfly effects and profound significance. Powerful and sudden changes could spurn from such congregations.


[I apologize for the writing hiatus, {just recovered from injury}, outsourcing the writing responsibility was the idea but the classmates were all too busy studying like they should have been. Forgiveness is pending.]


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