Posted by: seedfoundation | October 5, 2009

Bac too Skhool two Lurn Stuffh

Well hello, welcome to OIT. Or, welcome back to OIT. The fall quarter has commenced and the mad rush to soak up decay rate graphs and number systems has begun. For the newcomers and your assumed trepidation as to why you chose the REE program after an intimidating first week I say to you this………<long silence…….crickets………record skips……..cowboy at bar giving me the dead eye>. Soooo I don’t really know what to say. It will take a couple of weeks to get into the swing but we all came here to learn and work hard so OMG bring it on FS fur serious!

The best part about OIT is teaching others what you've learned!

The best part about OIT is teaching others what you've learned!

In regards to the student blog be sure to get involved and send submissions especially in light of our east coast competition. Yes, it’s true MIT, the OIT of the east as I like to say, had an article recently in the New York Times boasting about their little bloggers, (thank you for the link Jared). One would think that with all the cybernetic, biomechanical, neural implanted students running around MIT, they would be able to conjure up an original idea, but NOOO let’s just copy OIT and then contact our rich daddys working for The New York Times and have them write all about us. Apparently, the students are being paid as well, albeit not very much, but J.C., east coast 3rd generation inheritance not enough for you? I smell rally in the back alley. Yes, MIT has officially started a fight. Vayanse cabrones! Or better yet, walk-off, Zoolander style. I gots my blue steel down yo.

Wow Nate, a little bitter? Sorry you aren’t a human calculator and your grades weren’t up to par to gain admission to MIT. There is help. Try Ritalin.

Y'all better watch out, P Daddy is back in action.

Y'all better watch out, P Daddy is back in action.

In all fur seriousness, it’s great to see students getting involved in colleges around the U.S. including MIT. We all have something to learn from eachother, let us branch out in our own unique way and connect with our peers and community!

In closing, good luck this quarter Oregon Techies. Before we know it it will be Christmas and we all love Christmas because you can drink a lot and not feel like a douche. Also, make sure to check out the tutoring schedule if any assistance is in order. Buena suerte!




  1. I am interested in REE program at OIT. I was hoping talk with some of the students and see how they liked it and what kind of work they were planning on doing after school. Nice article by the way.

    • Thanks for the response Andrew. A few things about the program. It started in 2005 and is the first renewable energy specific engineering program in the U.S. The average age at the Portland campus is probably around 26 to 27. I’m 27 and just started my second year at OIT in Portland. I have another Bachelor degree from the U of Montana 05′ in Liberal Studies (Humanities more or less).

      The program is pretty intense and moves fast but it’s great and I’ve become friends with some wonderful people. The student body is very diverse, many have other degrees already, come from the military or are starting fresh. I started on the REE path two years ago in Spokane (my home town), taking pre-calc and basic chemistry classes. It wasn’t easy considering I hadn’t taken any math since high school. I found out later many other students were in the same boat. But, after staying with it, the math stuff begins to make sense and now I’m tutoring some of the new students.

      Also, the program has been more than doubling annualy since the initial 12 students in 2005 to the current student body of over 150. The program is somewhat grassroots and thus why many students are doing their part to grow the program. I started the OIT blog, one of my roommates started an outdoor club, and others have similar ideas.

      As far as work, I am interested in solar energy and energy conservation of new and existing structures. There are many good jobs pertaining to these fields in Portland right now. Ultimately, I would like to get some quality experience with a company and later open up a business in Spokane doing energy consulting. My other job goal is to work in Latin America to create renewable energy solutions for the locals. The job placement after graduation is over 90%. If you want more info feel free to contact me.


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